Asset Management

Automated IT Asset Management

Asset management is important because it helps an organization to track and control its assets using a structure-based approach. Effectively controlled and track the each and every asset, the advantages involve increases in productivity and performance, which increase a company’s investment return.

Visualize in real time the condition of each IT asset in your company with our automatic, open source multi-platform Asset Management Solution. Detect, updated or renewable hardware/Software with advance software.

Why Automated Asset Management?

  • Maintain complete life cycle of all the assets.
  • Centralise inventory and control of all the assets
  • Integrate with other Systems to gather more information
  • Know the Software compliances
  • Better risk management

Key Features

  • Automated Discovery and Inventory of an asset
  • Manage Software licences easily and be compliant and available for Audit
  • One click reports for Assets
  • Automatic inventory of all hardware and Software
  • Supports both Agent base and Agent less inventory methods
  • Visualize all the installed software by Category
  • Rules Engine for Software categorization
  • Integrated Reports and can connect with External Reporting tools
  • Profound integration with vast plugins
  • Define and Maintain SLAs

Why Nixsoft?

  • Cost effective Solution based on Open Source Platform
  • 24/7 Support System
  • Reduce Administrative work
  • Experience in Deploying large projects
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