Security Testing

Security Testing

Security cannot be compromise, considering that the cyber world is growing vulnerable to attacks. New vulnerabilities are discovered at a stunning rate as technologies continue to evolve, making information security a serious challenge for companies around the world. In today’s era, security testing has become a crucial part of the development strategy of an organisation.

Through performing vulnerability tests, reviewing system settings, and network and communication assessments, we take account of the entire IT environment of your application while conducting an IT security audit.

We have an ample experience in our software security testers to secure the application from security violation or accidentally penetrating. We validate the level of security of your servers, your operating system and databases, your company systems, software and networks. If we find faults, we document and recommend weaknesses to improve.

Why Security Testing?

  • Your applications are prone against known and unknown vulnerabilities,
  • Data is safe and unable to access or spoof
  • Application is in compliance with the security standards
  • Identify issues at the earlier stage of Application Development
  • Better protection of business information

Why Nixsoft?

  • Round the clock availability of dedicated team
  • Extensive experience in vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing of applications
  • Expertise in using both commercial and open-source Security testing tools
  • Actionable Reporting
  • Customise Test Plans

Areas we Work

  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing
  • Network VAPT
  • IOT Penetration Testing
  • Denial of Service Testing
  • Authentication and Authorization Testing
  • CMS Testing
  • OWASP top ten vulnerabilities such as XSS, SQL Injection
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