Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Performance testing help companies to assess product performance in a specific system. Performance test includes volume testing, capacity testing, load testing, stress assessment endurance testing, scalability testing and reliability testing.

Our Team from Performance Engineering and Testing have wide experience in providing advanced services to global customers. Nixsoft performance Testing experience covers a wide variety of applications, including client servers, online, distributed, mobile, cloud databases, large-volume transaction systems as well as extremely complex applications. We offer end-to-end testing solutions to help our customers deploy tested, high responsiveness, functionality and scalability applications.

Why Performance Testing?

  • To check the availability of application or system throughout the User journey
  • Get the response time between application and end user under different load levels
  • Find out the Utilisation during peaks
  • Detection of the bottlenecks
  • Finding memory leaks and database lookups
  • Memory and CPU usage
  • Highlight Functional problems
  • Client-Server throughput
  • Benchmarking maximum hits/clients
  • Get the data for number of hits on pages within a particular given time

Why Nixsoft?

  • Round the clock availability of Teams
  • highly agile and adjustable testing services
  • Extensive pool Certified SME’s with strong expertise on COTS and Open Source tool set.
  • Customisable and reusable solutions
  • Flexible pricing for On-demand performance testing & engineering services
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